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In the process of mining ore ball mill China supplier

Source: Huahong Machinery By HUAHONGMAC Posted: 2014-5-7 15:38:12

Under the same grinding fineness, feed particle size, the more thick, the lower the ball mill production capacity;Feed particle size is smaller, the higher the production capacity.But one thing should be paid attention to: when asked coarser ball mill grinding productivity change with feed particle size range is obvious, and require a finer grinding, grinding machine productivity change with feed particle size is not too prominent.

The influence of ore for ball mill:
Production according to the size and ore dressing plant in nature, should find out the most suitable ball mill for ore particle size.When demanding higher grinding machine production capacity, within a certain range to reduce into the grinding particle size is an effective measure.But beware, reducing mill feed size, grinding medium size should be reduced, otherwise don't get the effect of increasing productivity.Compact structure, tiny crystals, hardness ore is difficult to grind.This ore in the process of grinding, grinding time is longer, to ensure that meet the requirements of grinding fineness, but in general the main impact mill processing capacity.And hardness small haircut or solution of ore easy to grinding, grinding machine, the processing capacity of unit volume is high.Ore hardness is immutable factors.In production, the hardness of the larger ore, through experiments to find the most appropriate row ore concentration, amount of sand return and other operating conditions.

No-load test ore mill after the installation:
Under no-load test run without feeding, must meet the following requirements: electric interlocking system commissioning, according to start the program, its start and stop all conform to the requirements for the design of the electric interlocking system;All fasteners should be solid and reliable, no loose phenomenon;The flywheel rotation stability;Bearing temperature rise of less than 300 c.Bearing lubrication is normal, no oil leakage.

Ore types and relevant equipment:
At present, many different kinds of minerals, from on the classification of the ore are: copper, lead and zinc - alumina - nickel - cobalt tungsten - magnesium - - tin - bismuth, molybdenum iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore, vanadium ore, titanium ore gold - silver - platinum group metals quartz - fluorite ore - graphite - phosphate rock - lithium beryllium - niobium tantalum - strontium uranium, thorium indium gallium and germanium - thallium, cadmium selenium - tellurium scandium yttrium - cerium, lanthanum - - - promethium neodymium praseodymium - - holmium - erbium, etc.From the point of view of mineral processing equipment, has a hematite ore dressing equipment, tungsten gold beneficiation process, manganese ore dressing equipment, magnetite ore dressing equipment, etc

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