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Cooling machine

The Introduction to Cooling machine:

Cooling machine mainly used for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry, cool slag, limestone, coal clay, fine chemicals, also be used for fertilizer production lines.

Rotary drum cooler:

1.Rotary drum cooler is suitable for dried compound fertilizer of 65-85 makes up of balancing and continuous mill apron to contact with cool air adequately and cool off to approach normal temperature by the well-designed inner structure, which makes products packed timely and prevent caking in storage transportation.

2.2.The cooling method adopts backwash of cool wind, which utilizes induced -draft fan to take out the cool air from the end of equipment and make it contact with material conversely and cool compulsorily at the feed-in part of the equipment in order to reduce the temperature of the material rapidly. 3.It is the perfect cooling equipment of compound fertilizer production, for the good cooling effect, high-output and convenient operation. The Application of Rotary drum cooler: 1.Specialized cooler designs handling high temperature products to 1600oC can also be provided. 2.The technology is particularly suited for applications involving cooling hot materials from 700oC to 5-10oC of the ambient air temperature.

3.3. The hot process material is introduced into one end of a rotating cylinder where it is lifted on flights secured to the ID of the cylinder and showered through the cooling air stream.

4.4. The air passes though the cylinder countercurrent to the material, thus providing the most efficient heat transfer and coolest product temperature.

5.5.In special cases, the air for cooling machinecan be refrigerated to remove moisture from the air or to cool the product below ambient temperature.

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