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The ball mill control feed size

Source: Huahong Machinery By HUAHONGMAC Posted: 2014-10-4 15:59:28

Zhengzhou Huahong machinery co., LTD., to improve the upgrade of ore dressing mill has the favor of customers,This is because of the advantages brought by the structure of the selection of the grid ball mill, not only from material selection, because science and technology level is limited, this needs combined with the actual situation to improve, to meet the production requirements.Today we are going to introduce is, how to control the roll grinding machinesdischarging granularity?

General mineral processing mill of users, the thickness of the grain-size have more strict requirements, according to the demand of different grinding fineness is also different, some material to reach dozens of orders, some are to achieve two hundred mesh, and how to control the discharging granularity, for ore dressing mill for grinding points storehouse or replacement finer mesh can be very good implementation measures such as discharging granularity control at will.

Control for raymond mill grinding effect is better, feed particle size also is very be necessary, if the feed particle size is too big, will accelerate in the attritor mill grinding medium loss, then discharging granularity becomes coarse and so strictly control the feed particle size and improve production efficiency and the fineness of the key factors.

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