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Rotary dryer flat guide plate design

Source: Huahong Machinery By HUAHONGMAC Posted: 2014-2-5 9:23:47

Rotary dryer cylinder nominal diameter (ID) is Q, gauge ring height is H, a conducting segment length is L. You can base the following steps to design graphic guide plate.
First step: derivation feed angle a
The angle between guide plate and the axis of the dryer cylinder is called guide material angle, denoted by a. Figure 2 shows:
a = arctan (Q/2L), degrees

Second step: seeking ellipse length semiaxis
Flat guide plate and dryer cylinder formed a large ellipse
Short Axle: ob = Q / 2, mm
Semimajor: od = ob / sina, mm
Flat guide plate other side form a small oval
Short Axle: oa = Q/2-H + ��, mm
Semimajor: oc = oa / sina, mm
�� is the height difference (mm) of stock guide and dryer check ring, selected according to process requirements.

Third Step: draw two concentric ellipses
According to the above dimensions, base the "four concentric circles method" draw large and small two concentric ellipses (Figure 3), where O1, O2, O3, O4 (O4 not shown) is formed a substantial center of the arc of the ellipse four (shown in the unchanged form and small oval concentric center of the four arcs).

Connect O1,O3 and extend respectively large and small oval to intersect at b, c two points, in a similar way can get a, d two points. Obviously, ab elliptical arc have the equal completely radius of curvature, cd elliptical arc have the same radius of curvature. Maybe, in other words, the ellipse between a, b and the ellipse between c,d show on the figure2, b and a point have same radius of curvature.

Fourth step: intercept plane guide plate on the concentric ellipses
Intercept C and D between C and D,air line distance between C and D equal to requested guide plate length, extend O1D to join large ellipse on A,extend O1C to join large ellipse on B,then ABCD formed sector by section and straight line,is the designed plane guide plate. Not difficult to prove, cd distance is always greater than the distance between the large oval short axle length, and thus the total design guide plate meet the length requirement.

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