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Mercury steamer for gold

Mercury steamer for gold descriptionMercury steamer know as amalgam retort. It is commonly used on amalgam distillation equipment for small and medium sized mines to choose gold. It has the features of small volume, portable appearance, simple operation, high efficiency and compact design. The special water cooling device to ensure the mercury is completely liquefied.

Working principle1. Put the amalgam mercury with gold into the sealed mercury retort.There is a condenser tube connected with the top of the distiller.
2. Heat the distiller on the coke, gas or electric furnace.
3. When the temperature reached to 356°C, the amalgam will gasification, the mercury gas will run out through the iron tube
4. The gas mercury will become Spherical droplets after go through the condenser tube, and then you can recycle the mercury.
5. In order to separate the mercury completely, gold mining plant usually maintained the temperature on 400-450°C. And in the last 30 minutes, raised the temperature to 750-800°C.
6. Distill the mercury for around 5-6hours, the gold recovery rate can reach 99%.

Main Features1, small size, easy to carry and transfer.
2, high distillation efficiency, simple operation.
3, compact design, unique water cooling device to ensure complete liquefaction of mercury.
4, even the three distillation tanks with special distillation device to avoid the distillation of residual mercury vapor after the tank on the human body damage.


capacity (Kg/h)

weight (Kg)
Diameter mm
Length mm
35-40kg/time, 30mins/time

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